Dustin Wallington

Residential Division Sales Associate

Dustin graduated from The University of British Columbia with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Throughout his studies, he developed a passion for understanding human behaviour and then using that knowledge in order to find solutions for clients. In using this approach, Dustin had been awarded numerous sales achievements and speaking awards while also having the privilege to train 100’s of past employees in sales.

Dustin has very high standards for himself which stems from being involved in elite levels of soccer where he had played throughout Canada, United States and in Europe. Dustin now uses that same mentality from high level sport in order to understand the real estate market and effectively help clients in numerous capacities.

Dustin also comes from a long lineage of realtors throughout Canada and even has ties to one of the first realtors to use the “internet” as marketing! He truly believes that every client is unique and in order to be a solution finder, it takes the ability to clearly communicate all the information being put forward and then a clear direction for how to achieve that outcome.